Kabab Recipe:


Boneless lamb (leg) 1 kg
Mutton fat (A) 50gms
Papaya paste 100g
Hung yoghurt 50gms
Ginger, garlic (paste) 25gms
Onion (sliced ​​and fried and crushed) 100g
Salt to taste
Yellow chili powder 5gms
Roast gram flour 200g

Garam masala (B) (Roast all ingredients and make powder)
Black pepper corn 50gms
Green cardamom 50gms
Black cardamom 25gms
25gms clove
Mace 5pcs
nutmeg 1pc
jeera 50gms
saunf 50gms
Patthar phool 25gms
cinnamon 25gms
Leave Bay 5pcs
Kebab Chini 10g


Chop boneless mutton and fat together to fine consistency
Add (A) and mix well for half an hour Add 10g of powder mixture (B)
Add the saffron, rose water, water Kewada
Place the mixture in a container Galawati deep, keep a burning coal in the center
Put some pure ghee and cover. Keep up all the smoke is
On a heavy tawa or hot dish on a background of heavy non-stick pan at home are round and flat tikkis mixture and grill pan on both sides until it turns brown due to use inside with green chutney although onion and lemon wedges.

Recipe Video:


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