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Welcome to my Site "My Manchurian Recipe"

Myself   Karan Fagne ,
Owner of this site, my passion for cooking began in my school years being inspired by my mother who cooks very well and many varieties of food too.
Recipes on cooking Karan are mostly are the ones I learned from my mother, millet and some few cookbooks and other cooking sites.

I started blogging and I thought to record all my experiences, authentic recipes from my mother and MIL so it will be easier for me in the future. Sometimes we try a dish once and it does well. So forget for a while and if we want to try again, we will not be able to remember exactly what we did last time. Then this blog posts, help me a lot to save exactly what I do.

From this site contains recipes that are displayed by the visitors themselves, we ask you to share your cooking ideas too. Post your recipes here and share your culinary talents with all of the food world. Now we add (karankitchen.blogspot.com) favorites and exploit our delicious recipes to generate remarkable and memorable experiences with your "experiments" in the kitchen.


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