Fried Chicken Roll

Fried Chicken Roll Recipe:


tender or breast 250g
sake 1tbsp
salt/pepper a little
pickled plum 1piece
mirin 1tsp
green perilla/beefsteak plant 8piece

*ingredients for fry

flour some
egg 1
breadcrumbs some
vegetable oil(for deep frying)


Shallow slots make a thick portion flat chicken, cut into strips 2inches if necessary, and pat. Put sake, salt and pepper thoroughly.remove pit, finely chop the pulp and add mirinwash green perilla, cut a party other than green and dry leaves
Rub chicken lightly spread plum paste on the chicken, green perilla and then rolled coat chicken with flour, dip in beaten egg, then in bread crumbs fry the chicken until golden one drain well and serve with vegitablesServe with some lemon wedges, salt or ponzu sauce.

Recipe Video:


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