Kolkata Cuisine

Kolkata Cuisine

Kolkata will never upset for the greedy. In Bengal, Chinese recipes Hough is in demand. North Indian and South Indian food can always be found in any restaurant. Other cuisines that Bengalis are include Continental, Thai. If you want to enjoy the taste of the cuisine of thesis, you can visit some eateries in and around Chowringhee and  road Park Street. When it comes to cooking the specialty of Kolkata rolls (kebabs) really make a special recipe.

Kolkata is the cooking place all that developed in Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

The growth was fulled by people from  India and around the world, giving Kolkata a well diverse  culture, and more importantly, a rich and unique culture place. Main thing  of Kolkata's cuisine include rice and fish curry is known as Machher jhol, all that may be comes in desserts like Rusgulla, Sandesh, and a sweet yogurt known as mishti Dohi.

Kolkata Cuisine Recipe:

mishti dohi


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