Maharashtra Cuisine

Maharashtra Cuisine     

The culture of Maharashtra, which is revealed in many ways, is also reflected in its cuisine. Although most people are not very familiar with Maharashtrian food and he has not yet found its place in the five-star cuisine, there is a large and interesting culinary repertoire.

The cuisine of Maharashtra has its own distinctive flavors and tastes.  An important part of Maharashtra, which lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is loosely called the Konkan and has its own kitchen Konkani, which is a homogeneous combination of Malvani, and Goan . Besides the coastal cuisine, inside-the Maharashtra Vidarbha region, has its own distinctive cuisine known as the Varadi cuisine.


Maharashtrian meals are scientifically planned and prepared the golden rule is that the cooking medium must not be seen. Vegetables are more or less steamed and lightly seasoned so as to retain their nutritional value. There is almost no frying and roasting. Coconut is used in cooking and as an embellishment. In most vegetables or lentils so that the food has a bittersweet flavor while the kala masala is added to make the spicy food. Unlike the coastal cuisine, where fresh coconut is added to the dishes in the Vidarbha region, coconut powder is used for cooking.

Maharashtra Cuisine Recipe:

Pooran Poli
Matki Chi Usal


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